Nobawc business plan

Membership stabilized at between groups. We regularly talked with start-ups, worker cooperative developers, and to people interested in converting workplaces into worker cooperatives. Who will be on your team. As a worker-owner, you are less likely to get laid off, both because coops prioritize steady employment over short-term profits, and because they are more sustainable than their conventional counterparts.

Groups continue to do overlapping and conflicting work, act separately, often do not share important information. These include workplaces in transition toward becoming worker cooperatives and those that are democratically run but not worker owned.

We consulted with workplace democracy researchers and activists, including individuals organizing a worker cooperative credit union, others developing legislation to codify worker coops into California law, and an organization writing a feasibility study on developing a worker cooperative equity fund.

How to Start A Worker Co-op

To find new folks, it may be helpful to send an announcement to any work-related listservs like for groups interested in food justice, hackers, and even hippie communes and post flyers at related businesses or job assistance centers in your area.

The informal structure had made it impossible to respond to many requests for assistance from individuals and workplaces, unable to execute many desired projects, and incapable of meeting many of our stated goals and mission.

NoBAWC and Bay Area Regional Cooperative/Solidarity Economics Organizing

We continued to serve as a community resource for those interested in workplace democracy by offering assistance, referrals and information at no charge.

Starting a new coop can create jobs, not just for you, but also for people who may have never had the opportunity to own a business or earn a living wage.

Worker Cooperatives in the San Francisco Bay Area

Membership consisted of all democratic workplaces which agreed with the principles of NoBAWC and considered themselves members; there were no membership dues.

A successful example of how a related movement has used a similar process to connect itself together on a large systemic scale in many regions, is the Food Hub movement. The late collapse of the national economy into the Great Recession resulted in a surge of interest in worker cooperatives as an alternative means of economic development.

What is your common goal and purpose. Courtesy of Rainbow Grocery One of the first barriers to starting a worker cooperative is finding others willing to be part of the initiating group.

Food Hubs are becoming a key element in developing viable local and regional food systems and to stimulating new economic opportunities within those networks.

This will make decision-making easier and get you through the tough times. Worker-owners aren't forced into a hierarchy, and they have more say over what the business does than traditional employees. Your team needs to really be into the coop model, even if they learn the details later.

The key here is not voting-rule dogma but developing a communication process that allows everyone to be heard and resolve disputes fairly. I like using modified consensus try to get everyone's enthusiastic agreement if possible and super-majorities as a good middle path.

Being a coop gives you a leg up, but you still must provide a needed product or service that competes in the greater, cutthroat capitalist marketplace … until it collapses. NoBAWC is comprised of small and medium-sized workplaces with a few to over worker-owners, representing diverse industries and sectors of the economy.

New Oakland Worker Cooperative Uses Profits to Create Jobs in Bay Area

• Minutes from the last NoBAWC meeting (9/1/04) are not available. They will be available at the next meeting. • At the 9/1/04 meeting, we discussed a possible NoBAWC endorsement of Jesse Townley for Berkeley City Council District 5. Jesse is a long-time NoBAWC member (of Gilman Street) and sought a NoBAWC endorsement.

NoBAWC elected a Steering Committee, began fundraising, and hired a part-time staff person. In we replaced the Steering Committee with an elected of Board of Directors, empowered to oversee staff and continue the organizational progress.

network of bay area worker cooperatives (nobawc) The Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives or NoBAWC (pronounced “no boss”) is a grassroots organization of democratic workplaces dedicated to building workplace democracy in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The following is a listing of worker cooperatives that belong to the regional organization Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC): Adobe Books & Art Cooperative Adobe Books is a bookshop, art gallery, living room, retail store, community center, a place to meet new friends, with comfy chairs, community table, art and.

Their business donates 10% of their pre-wage profits to the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (, pronounced "No Boss"), whose mission is to.

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Nobawc business plan
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